Apr 20

Los Angeles: The Hubris of Man

Everybody hear about that drought affecting California? Looks like our climate change is turning a dust bowl area into a dustier bowl area.

Here’s an example of why I know humanity is going to wipe itself out. At least our current situation.

  • Man settles an area
  • Finds a pretty coastal area
  • Finds it doesn’t have much fresh water
  • settles anyways, calls it Los Angeles
  • Town grows into a city, a huge city, a massive city
  • Water is piped in from hundreds of miles away
  • Entire area being horribly affected by climate change, city still grows
  • Water source drying up, looks like even with proposed super expensive low output desalination plants people will go thirsty

So what happens when millions of Californians packed into a paved over desert run out of water?

Yup, anarchy.

This is why us smart people do our best to live in a place that’s low population density and that currently has lots of water available to store. I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be in Los Angeles when the pin finally drops for water.