Nov 19

Guest Post – Cutting Dependancies/Surviving Debt

Guest post by Gale Newell

good change

 Keep Yourself Out of the Hole


In a world of diverse looming atrocities, it is time to make your money matter, especially since your representatives in government aren’t planning on doing it for you anytime soon. Besides, with more in savings, you’ll have more options for your required stockpiling needs of tomorrow. But in order to save, you’ve got to consolidate and pay down, and quick! A penny saved is a penny earned, folks. Continue reading

Nov 13


I usually don’t like to get too political, but you know, Israel. There are people that are pro Israel, and people who think everything is all Israels fault and they are heavy handed barbarians.

Yes, there is no doubt that the Israeli’s can be at the very least extremely proactive.

I won’t say any more, but I would like you to have a look at this map I created. It might give you an idea as to why.