Mar 26

Water Storage and Saving Ideas

Water is super important. It’s incredibly super important.  The average Canadian goes through 400 liters of water a day in cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, etc. I think Americans go through even more. And if you’ve been reading the news, water is getting scarcer and scarcer. Places in South America are running bone dry. California isn’t far behind (And places like L.A., millions strong without their own water supply, can you imagine?). Water is life and you need to store some especially if you end up having to shelter in place while the plebes kill each other in their panicked mobs.

tn_IMG_8167_thumbSo, I thought some water storing and saving ideas might be in order.

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Mar 22

Product Review: UCO Candle Lantern.

Today, I’ll post a quick review on the UCO Candle Lantern.  Never in my life have I thought that I could like a candle so much. It’s not that there’s anything special about it. It produces light and a small bit of heat like any candle. It’s just that I believe that this is a fantastically engineered little unit. Look:

Look how nice and compact it is when it’s stored. It’s small and the glass is protected for transport.

DSC01364Then you can open it up, there’s the glass, there’s the candle! It comes with a hanger. Notice the window to see the candle itself? It’s spring loaded so as the candle burns it pushes the candle up to both keep the flame where you want it and so you can see how much of the candle is left:

DSC01361I’m not sure I can say much more about this little guy. Yea it’s a short review but I think the features on this candle lantern are fantastic. The glass can be protected, it automatically feeds the candle into the lantern area, it shows you how much is left and the flame is protected from the wind. It’s only about $20 and this takes candle light to the next level.

So buy one. If you like.