Apr 15

YOU are the first responder.

I came across this video which I agree with wholeheartedly. The guy makes some excellent points.

YOU are the first responder to a crime.  A firearm is an equalizer. It makes a little granny the same or stronger than a 300 lb rapist.  In the United States, the anti gunners only tell you that 11,000 people were killed with guns, and will never tell you 2.5 million crimes were stopped with them.

I’ll stop blathering on but like this guy says, I believer with training and education anyone should and has the right to defend themselves with the appropriate tools. This video is for Canadians but I think Americans will get something out of it too.

Apr 14

Top 5 alternative defense options when your firearms are taken from you

I struggled with the title “alternative defensive options when your weapons are taken from you’. I wasn’t quite sure how to word that without writing the entire post in the title. In the end, it’s just as it seems.  How to defend yourself with means alternate to the obvious.

What am I going on about?  First off, have you read George Orwell’s 1984? If you haven’t, you should.  Anyone that can take a look at what our first world government is doing from a detached stance can see many parallels to the ‘IngSoc’ or “English Socialism” that Orwell describes in that book.  How socialism with it’s tendencies of micromanagement can turn into a authoritative and fascist regime, and further, how people emotionally thrive in oppression and somehow show love to their government, Because government is always there for the people, right?

tieneman square

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