Aug 27

Over The Counter Meds to Stock Up On

So the collapse is probably coming, and maybe soon. It happened before and it’ll happen again, and if it’s anything like the past, it’ll come quickly.

So likely that’ll mean that you want to stock up on stuff. Medications are important, especially if you need prescription medications (I hope you do not, that will unfortunately diminish your chances significantly).  But this isn’t about prescription medications, this is about stuff that you can get at a pharmacy that will likely make your time after the collapse just a bit better.

There's only one kind of medication I need man!

There’s only one kind of medication I need man!

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Aug 25

The Falibility of Firearms

This weekend I went to shoot some skeet. I got to the range and something wasn’t quite right with my shotgun.

Ok, I got my gun and I'm ready to shoot now!!

Ok, I got my gun and I’m ready to shoot now!!

Ok, the gun wasn’t rusted like that. I take good care of my guns. No, I remember taking my gun apart the week before for a thorough cleaning and a little piece of metal came out of the magazine tube. I thought nothing of it at the time, put the gun back together and back in my safe it went.

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Aug 22

The Five Stages of Awareness

A gentleman named Paul Chefurka wrote a very interesting webpage called Climbing the Ladder of Awareness.  It’s very interesting because it can help us understand why people are the way they are and why they believe what they believe.   The first stage is called ‘dead asleep’ and awareness goes upwards from there, where the fifth stage is total understanding.

Paul writes that:

perhaps 90% of humanity is in Stage 1

and goes on to say that:

less than one person in ten thousand will be at Stage 5 (and none of them are likely to be politicians).

Scary stuff.  The article in full is here and I would encourage you to read it.

Just more reason to be prepared and try not to get depressed.