May 28

Don’t Count Your Seeds Until They Hatch. Or Grow. Whatever.

So if you remember, I tried to grow some tomatoes indoors. Well, this is what they look like now:

IMG_0084I have no idea why the middle one won’t grow. I did nothing different from the other two. It just won’t grow. Basically then, what I’m saying is just because you have good soil and sunlight and water and heirloom seeds, that’s no guarantee that everything you plant will grow.

Put another way, a friend of mine is a farmer. Last year there was SO MUCH RAIN!! that half of his crops flooded out. This year it’s dry as hell and he’s worried for his crop.

The lesson here is, take what you need and quadruple it. If you’re lucky, you’ll get more than you need. When you do get more than you need, store it, preserve it, put it away because next year you might get even less than you think you will or nothing at all. Even when conditions are ideal like some pots next to a sunny window with perfect soil and daily water.

That is all.

May 26

Protect Yourself – Video Pen

Yes, I know my last post I went on and on about how to curb your spending and stop buying impulse items that aren’t needed. But this time I might disagree because:

Bad Cop-01That’s right. Bad Cop, NO Donut. You see, the media will go on and on about how our economy is getting better and everyone’s standard of living is awesome and yadda yadda. Dig a little deeper and you might find bubbles about to burst, the dollar to take a back stage to the Yaun, people more in debt than ever, the REAL employment rate way lower than they say it is – I could go on and on. I think then there is a symptom of that that’s getting worse – false accusations for personal gain. False rape accusations (and on the flip side, some rich powerful assface rapes you and denies it), false injury accusations, set ups to sue you for money. Sometimes there are also bad cops who will try to set you up too for whatever reason idiots with badge boners have.

Part of the solution? If somebody tries to set you up with words, especially someone in a position of power like a police officer or a woman who accuses you of sexual misconduct (with this guilty until proven innocent mindset), then YOU COME BACK AT THEM WITH EVIDENCE.

Which is why I’m buying a camera pen. So if I feel somethings off I can discreetly press the record button.

I hate dishonesty, but if we’re being honest, the only way to protect yourself from someone trying to fuck you is to have evidence of it.

Good luck out there, the world sucks.