Apr 15

And On and On with this ‘Illuminati’

I was thinking again today about this Illuminati thing. Sure, I posted about it before at least twice. Still, it got me thinking. What would be the benefit to the planet and the survivors after a huge kill off?

fatcartBut besides the very, VERY valid point the picture makes, there would be some other benefits to a population not exceeding 500 Million:

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Apr 13

The Importance of Light

I had some confined space training where I learned a very valuable lesson. It’s pretty hard to navigate in the dark. They made me navigate some re-purposed drain pipe and as soon as you get around the first corner, it goes PITCH BLACK. And that’s when I learned just how much of a visual species we are.

blackboxThis is also very apparent if you’ve ever been wilderness camping – when you’re not in a city and night falls even with a moon it gets very, very dark.

This is why I’ve been thinking about light lately, and how to ensure I have it if and when the world goes dark.

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