Sep 04

Professor Guy McPhearson on Climate Change

Pretty damned bleak folks, pretty damned bleak. Better hope this guys wrong. If he’s right there’s going to be way more basement living for the few that survive. Oh, and now instead of having stored food until the rioting and killing ends you’ll have to have it forever,or however long you’re planning on staying alive, that is.

Yea, I hope this guy out of any of them is wrong.

Sep 01

Stand Firm In The Face of ‘Useless Eaters’

Useless eaters. The world is full of them. Some people genuinely have issues, but those are the few. There are plenty out there now thanks to our overly generous social system plus our first world idiocy of destroying local manufacturing. But what is a useless eater?

A useless eater is someone who contributes ZERO to their friends, family, government, and society in general but still takes their share (or more than their share) or resources i.e. eats on their family and the governments dime while watching T.V. and doing nothing else to contribute.

An example:

Jodie-SinclairNow, this isn’t just some rant on how social welfare programs produce the scum of society. But what I am saying is that when TSHTF there are going to be people you know who will want to come with you because you’ve done prepping and not only are they mouths to feed, they are also going to try to bring family members and friends with them that are USELESS EATERS.

If someone has spent their entire life taking and not contributing they won’t change just because of the apocalypse. Nope. They are still going to sit around eating up your stores and your hard scavenged food items out of gluttony and boredom and be entitled to do just that.

So what will you do? What will I do? I don’t know. I do know that I will not tolerate an iota of useless eating. EVERYONE contributes. There is no socialism anymore. Those of us that survive don’t have the resources of governments. It’s kind of like the rich people in California who don’t understand water restrictions when they can ‘just pay for it’. It doesn’t matter, if there’s no water there’s no water. Therefore, if you only have so much food everyone contributes or you aren’t in the group. Because someones laziness and gluttony can mean death and destruction for the entire group and that cannot be tolerated at all.

So I don’t know what you’re going to do, but if it’s TEOTWAWKI I know what I have to do, and what that is, is make sure the entire group of contributors and survivors survives and thrives. That might mean some hard choices and doing some things that in today’s society would be seen as…. bad. But then again, if you want to survive a post apocalyptic world, you have to take every advantage and cut all the fat.

So take a good long hard look at yourself. Are you a useless eater? Change right now. Do you know one? I’m sorry.

/end rant.