Jun 30

The Solar Charging Station that I built

So I went ahead and did it. I built a solar charging station. It wasn’t actually that cheap but I think it’s a solid unit that will work well and last when needed.  I did a video on it but did a HORRIBLE job at breaking down the costs so I will break them down below the vid.

Case: $35 sourced locally at Canadian Tire
Solar Panels: $20 each from alixpress.com
Battery holders, 10 x AA x 4 units: $2 each from aliexpress.com
Green battery packs x 2: – $13 each from aliexpress.com
Solar charge controller, 30A: – $12 from aliexpress.com
410 watt inverter: – $40 from amazon.ca
40 x AA NiMh rechargable batteries: $2 each from Amazon.ca
Odds and ends like bolts, wire, electrical tape, hockey tape, etc. – I had them at home so I’m not sure, but pennies.

Total cost: $241

Thoughts, criticisms? I’d appreciate any of it.

Jun 19

Just… Don’t Be That Guy

Continuing the trend I have with the whole morbid obesity thing…..

Fat-Soldier-Needs-To-Lose-WeightDON’T BE THAT GUY. Ok? Don’t be the armchair survivalist with the office job where you tactical yourself out with all that cool gear (why do they even make it in size obese?) and think after it all comes crashing down you’re going to put on that ridiculous army garb and fat your way around the planet. Like putting on that stupid get up will make you invincible. Like it’ll give you the cardio you need to do what you need to do. All it will do is make you a large, fat, slow, huffing target.

So for the love of god, if you want to call yourself a survivalist, if you’re pants size number is bigger than your grampa’s age, lose the weight. Don’t tactical yourself out and make yourself a target even if you aren’t fat. Spend the money on food and other items and aim to blend in rather than stand out.

And yes, being morbidly obese will also make you stand out.