Jul 29

The Food Gathering Continues

I have been AWOL for a while I know. To be honest, this blogging thing is wearing thin with me a bit – I guess that’s what happens with certain hobbies, you like it then let it wain then do some blogging again, but whatever, it is what it is.

I’ve done a few things in my time away. Firstly I bought a Hennessy Hammock – these things are light as heck and comfortable and way better than a small tent when camping. Secondly, I’ve continued to do the food gathering. Because looking at the trends and the facts of everything, when shit goes to hell you’ll need something to keep your belly full while you wait the shitstorm out. You’ll need a source of food, or I guess, emergency food so the unprepared masses can kill themselves off before you can go ahead and start to rebuild life for you and your family and friends.

article-2155472-137ED524000005DC-705_634x432So lets look at a few things we know:

  • Seven billion people on this planet and growing. A lot of mouths to feed in our planet of finite resources
  • Even where I am (farming central) more and more land is being used for aggregate mining and housing and less for farming. And the land that is being used for farming, a lot of it is things like tobacco and corn for ethanol, not food.
  • Farming is dying because of peak phosphorus and the fact that massive farming practices lose good soil to erosion.
  • Fossil fuel is required for producing and collecting massive amounts of food as well as for fertilizers and distribution. Without access to cheap and plentiful fossil fuels, that practice dies out and people starve.
  • Speaking of fossil fuel, have you noticed the prices of crude and of processed have been bouncing up and down? I’m no economist but I believe when the bubble gets to the point of breaking it does a whole lot of bouncing first.
  • Stock markets are going to shit. Pay special attention to the Chinese market which apparently in free fall
  • Climate change. That shit is REAL and it’s happening now. And this powerful El Nino event may be making things even worse. And California. Produces half of the U.S. produce without it’s own water supply and now it’s really paying the bill.
  • When production and distribution are disrupted and the fat masses don’t get their fill, the riots will be intense. No amount of martial law will quell whats coming.

I believe all these things are adding up to some serious short falls in food. Less food, difficulty in transport, huge populations. This all adds up to some disaster that YOU need to be prepared to wait out (until everyone kills themselves off and hopefully you can squirrel yourself away with your food and wait it out without experiencing too much of the violence for yourself).

It’s important to buy and store heirloom seeds. GMO seeds have been engineered so that the seed the plant produces will not be able to germinate itself. Make sure you know what you have. You’ll need to be able to sustainably grow food.

I’ve been taking advantage of local free sources of food. For example my mulberry tree I’ve been using to make mulberry preserves and have a LOT of jars on the shelf. Friends grow beans, I can them and now I have lots of beans. In addition to the food you buy and store this can add a lot of food for not a lot of money.

Those are my 2 cents. Good luck out there, I have a feeling 2016-2018 are going to be rough.

Jul 07

Why Long Term Food Storage Might Be Your Savoir

Like anyone else, I try to connect the dots. Sometimes they are pretty far fetched, like when I talk about all this Illuminati stuff. What the hell right? When you completely dismiss something out of hand, you tend to be surprised when it bites you in the ass.

berlin-1930s-hitler-becomes-chancellor-1933So I was reading this article about mass extinction. Guy McPherson, a climate scientist, thinks we’re on the verge of a climate related disaster worse than the worst mass extinction event in history. He thinks the earth is going to get hot and fast and he’s talking a near term human extinction, as in within our lifetimes. But it’s this part that got my interest:

Industrial activity continually adds reflective particles into earth’s atmosphere. Particularly well known are sulfates produced by burning coal (“clean coal” has a lower concentration of sulfates than “dirty coal”). These particles reflect incoming sunlight, thus artificially cooling the planet.

These reflective particles constantly fall out of the atmosphere, but industrial activity continuously adds them, too. When industrial activity ceases, all the particles will fall out within a few days. As a result, earth will lose its “umbrella” and rapid warming of the planet will ensue. According to a 2011 paper by James Hansen and colleagues, the warming will add 1.2 plus or minus 0.2 degrees Celsius. Subsequent research indicates the conservative nature of this paper, suggesting termination of industrial activity will add a minimum of 1.4 degrees Celsius to the global average temperature.

What? Crap we throw up into our atmosphere it actually slowing warming? No kidding. Now I’d like to get to the ‘out there’ part. I’ve talked about this Illuminati stuff before. A bunch of ‘elites’ understand that our way of life is unsustainable and the only way to survive is to kill off the vast majority of us plebs. I wish I could find that video again, but it was one where someone else was talking about runaway global warming. He threw in a plot twist though: He did mention that a bunch of crap in the atmosphere, such as from massive volcanic activity, could slow or halt warming. His contention was that these ‘elites’ were going to ride out the first stages of the massive climate/economic/war meltdown, whatever it is, in their bunkers. Then when everyone was good and dead, they’d detonate some nukes in a few of the worlds super volcanoes like at Yellowstone, hopefully erupting them, spewing a ton of ash into the atmosphere and cooling the planet again.

Will that work? Is that their plan? I don’t know. But I do know this.  If this is going to happen, then if you want to survive you’ll need a nice deep basement and a huge stock of water and long term storage foods. That’s the only way to survive this and then crawl out and make a life for you and yours after it’s done.

Pretty interesting no?