Feb 25

How to Start Food Storage

For those of you who are thinking about how exactly to start food storage, this short article is probably for you.

CostcoBut seriously. food storage when you think things will go downhill is a daunting prospect and like many things, you get so overwhelmed you do nothing. But you should do something. So the first thing you should do is read this article about mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, because that will be your first step.

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Feb 23

Illuminati/NWO 90% Kill Off

So apparently, most of us are toast, if you believe the conspiracy people. Some say that there is this Illuminati/New World Order (NWO) group comprised of super rich super elite old money types (like royalty for example), that think there’s too many people on this planet and we have to kill off like 90% of us

ooooluminati!.Yea yea conspiritards and all that. But honestly, are they off the mark when they say that?

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